Telefast Indonesia, MCAS Group, introduces ‘Droper’ as Logistics Drop Point to Increase Logistics Capacity

Jakarta, 23 November 2022 – PT Telefast Indonesia Tbk (IDX: TFAS), a subsidiary of PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk  (IDX:  MCAS)  that  focuses  on  developing  technology-based  logistics  solutions,  has  constantly  been innovating to improve the performance of logistics services. After growing exponentially to expand the logistics drop point network to more than 9,000 points, TFAS realizes that innovation and collaboration must  continue  to  improve  performance,  strengthen  competitiveness,  and  provide  ease  of  logistics services to the community.

TFAS  has  consistently  strengthened  various  collaborations  with  3PL  (third-party  logistics)  partners  in recent years, including SiCepat Ekspres, Paxel, Sentral Cargo, Bukalapak and others. Considering the rapid growth of its logistics drop point service with multiple 3PL, TFAS rebranded the name of its logistics drop point network from SiCepat Point to Droper (Drop Point Bersama). 

In  addition  to  collaborating  with  3PL  for  logistics  drop  points  partners,  Droper  is  also  expanding  its business to increase logistics capacity by providing a complete multi-courier service in Indonesia. This will make  it  easier  for  people  to  send  packages  with  various  delivery  expedition  options,  such  as  SiCepat Ekspres, Sentral Cargo, dan Paxel. 

TFAS has been able to increase its logistics capacity, reaching a total of 33 million package deliveries in October  2022  (YTD),  from  2.5  million  package  deliveries  in  January  2022.  This  increase  was  achieved through a network of drop points that have been spread massively. Supported by the rapid expansion synergies with large logistics players who have an extensive network base, TFAS also targets to increase the number of logistics drop points from 9,000 points in November 2022 to more than 20,000 points in 2023. This can be realized by the development of logistics technology innovations that are easy to operate in  supporting  monitoring  and  smoothness  business  operations  and can  be  accessed through  Apps  and Web Dashboards.

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